Our Work

Free Medical Camps

Abundant Harvest Foundation conducts free medical camps in the most remote villages to provide free medical assistance, we travel to these villages with a doctor and team, and more than 300 people are well treated with free medicines from each medical camp.

Free Adult Literacy Programmes

With nearly 300 million illiterate adults, India is the most illiterate nation on earth; our Abundant Harvest Foundation conducts Adult Literacy Classes in remote villages for adults.

Free Nutrition Health Mix Distribution Programme

Through our “Nutrition Health Mix Distribution Programme for Children,” we have distributed more than 300 Nutrition Health Mix packets to the poorest of the poor children in different remote villages of Andhra Pradesh state.

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Free Food Distribution Programmes

Food distribution camps are often arranged in the remote villages, where the poorest of the poor people lives, we with the help of generous supporters and volunteers arrange free cooked food distribution time to time in remote villages, Country’s current situation is getting worst and worst because of prices going high and high for everything, poor are getting more and more poor and rich are getting richer, there is more fruits in the shampoo of a rich than a plate of a poor.

Covid - 19 Relief Activities

We have been serving the Covid-19 affected poorest of the poor people in remote areas especially among the tribal people, some places there is no electricity or running water, most of the people have no masks, gloves, or hand sanitizer!

We were able to distribute Ration Kits and Daily Essentials to over 500 Covid-19 affected People in Andhra Pradesh, India! Please help us distribute more, 100% of all funds donated go directly to Purchase Ration Kits and Daily Essentials!

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Free Ladies Tailoring Centers

We are running “Sewing Training Centre’s” for the poor women in India, that will aid women from all walks of life and various religious backgrounds with the goal of training, empowering and enlightening them, they will be able to help provide for their families and also help others, The “Sewing Training Centre’s” are to provide self-employment for poor women. I hope that you will consider being part of this opportunity.

Would you kindly consider making a donation? Also, I would appreciate your willingness to share this with others who may want to participate.

Thank you so much for being a part of our Social Work and helping us accomplish something that’s important in the lives of the poor and needy in India.

Free New Clothes Distribution Programmes

We organize new clothes distribution camps in remote villages, orphanages, and old age homes. We as an organization strongly feel about destitution and for us, nobody should suffer the lack of clothes.

As we are born, weather is sensitive for everyone, everybody feels heat, cold, and rain. So just because they are poor, we don’t want they should suffer- because for us all human life is sacred.

These camps are very often and have their own importance, many more such camps are going to organize in many places in India, therefore we desperately need your help,