Covid - 19 Relief
Free distribution of daily Provisions
Ladies Tailoring Centres
New Clothes Distribution
Food Distribution


Covid - 19 ( Relief Activities )

We are in the Red Zone Serving the Covid-19 affected poorest of the poor people, some places there is no electricity

Free Ladies Tailoring Centers

We are running “Sewing Training Centre’s” for the poor women in India, that will aid women from all walks of life and various religious

Free New Clothes Distribution

We organize new cloths distribution camps in remote villages, orphanages and old age homes. We as an organization strongly feel

Free Food Distribution

Food distribution camps are often arranged in the remote villages, where the poorest of the poor people lives,          


Partner with us to build a just, responsible and compassionate society.

NOTE :- You can have Tax deduction; you can save your Tax. For 80G (manual) receipts please contact us.